The Empowerment Collective FALL 2017 Retreat
October 4th - October 8th
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Join us for an all-inclusive, soul awakening experience for women. A 5-day retreat for you to connect with your true authentic self, and live beyond everything that's making you feel stuck in this season of life. 

Start living with more self-love, self-acceptance, confidence, and authenticity for everything that you already are. Time to embrace your story, own your power, and live with happiness.
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The Mission:

The Empowerment Collective’s mission is all about stories. We want you to embrace your own unique story. Living with confidence, self-love and feeling empowered to be whoever you want to be.

Our stories lead us to our purpose. And sometimes that takes a lot of faith & perseverance. But how often do we go to Social Media for an escape only to end up finding ourselves scrolling, filling our mind with stories like “I’m not good enough”?

For me, I felt a constant struggle once I started to take steps in the direction of finding my purpose. I clung tight to the idea that my faith would move me and get me past the difficulties. Through the REALLY hard days, the breakdowns, the “what am I even doing?” questions, feeling inauthentic, and the way I felt like I could never live up to the women I saw on social media – I kept pushing through because I knew God was not done with me or my story yet. I believe in the power of stories, and that yours is so important and unique.

You will learn how to experience your life on another level with confidence, and the ability to stand in your truth no matter where life takes you.

The Experience
STORIES ARE WHAT CONNECT US... & your life is your story

The experience is focused on getting you to know your authentic self, and live beyond fear, with a big focus on self-love. We're all about celebrating you and your unique story no matter where you're at right now. It's for women who know they're made for more but feel like they're struggling more than succeeding in life and/or business.

This is for women who are ready to live as the happiest possible version of themselves -- beyond social media.

When you learn how to embrace your story and everything that makes you unique, your life completely changes.

At these retreats you'll create authentic connections with other women, experience daily workshops, speakers, activities, yoga, healthy meals, and of course, wine. And you'll have free-time to yourself to truly relax. All while filling each other up with inspiration, and helping you find more calm in the midst of overwhelm.

The intention is to give you a space to rest, reflect, and refocus on building yourself up. To really  ignite or reignite a flame within your heart, and have you living with an unshakeable confidence in yourself.

We will share our stories and our hearts with you to give you the resources and information you need to live with clarity, intention, and faith.

It's five days spent at a gorgeous Michigan home from October 4th - 8th, right on the lake where you'll create authentic connections with new women, experience daily workshops, speakers, activities, yoga, healthy meals, and of course, wine. And you'll have free-time to yourself to truly relax. All while filling each other up with inspiration, and helping you find more calm in the midst of overwhelm.

The location:
Water and Vine Manor & Carriage House in Paw Paw, Michigan is the perfect space to host this retreat for it's casual, comfortable, and welcoming charm.

Your All-Inclusive Experience

What's included:

+ Your entire stay at the gorgeous Water and Vine Manor & Carriage Home for 4 nights/5 days.

+ Daily movement – morning yoga on the balcony overlooking the lake to leave you feeling completely energized and refreshed.

+ Healthy, nourishing meals prepared fresh each day, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, and all snacks in between.

+ Swag bags – Gifts you’ll LOVE that will truly empower you from women’s small businesses.

+ ‘Empower Your Life Workbook’ for the workshops, and for you to use to continue implementing change into your life after you leave.

+ 3 Inspiring Speakers – plus access to them throughout the retreat so that you can talk one-on-one, get support, and ask questions.

+ Personal head shots from our Professional photographer. She’ll spend some one-on-one time with you to learn more about how to capture who you are in some amazing shots!

+ Group activities – hiking in nature & exploring the gorgeous state of Michigan.

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Wednesday, October 4th – Arrival/Welcome Party.
All guests must coordinate their own travel arrangements to Water & Vine Manor and Carriage House and arrive by 6:30 pm. If you arrive at Kalamazoo airport it is approximately a 22 minute drive to the home. All travel is to be coordinated by each attendee. 

6:30pm Arrival time at Water & Vine Manor & Carriage House • 7:00pm Welcome party with dinner and drinks

Sample Day:
Yoga - Breakfast - Workshop - Lunch - Speaker - Break/Group Activities - Dinner.

When you leave you will have a very clear direction for where you're heading & why, You'll feel capable and worthy of celebrating yourself and a sense of relief because you've reconnected to your truth. You'll be able to live more purposefully and intentionally. Plus you'll be connected to a group of women who support you!

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Who it's for:
She’s the girl who feels deep down that her life doesn’t feel like what she’s meant for – she wants to live with intention.
She goes onto social media and finds herself drowning in negative self-talk and anxious feelings – she wants to have a healthier relationship with her phone.
She wants to open her heart, mind, and soul to bring in more goodness to her life so that she can embrace her purpose.
The girl who has has sort of, lost touch with who she is and why she's doing what she's doing anymore. 
She finds herself paralyzed by comparison at times and doesn’t feel authentic anymore – she’s ready to get into alignment with her true self.
She’s the girl who is brave enough to admit that she isn’t living life for herself, and that she wants to live her best possible life. She knows she needs to take time to nourish herself – mind, body, & spirit – and she is willing to do what it takes to care for herself and live better.